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July 6, 2009

running from the law

Filed under: children — msullivan @ 5:33 am

This shoot had us running from the cops, haha =) The first time was when we were on the railroad tracks and their mom noticed a cop stopped on the tracks at the next intersection. We all grabbed a piece of the drum set and made a run for it. We were pulling out with everyone buckled and the drum set in the back of the truck before the officer even got there…that was a close one!


The second time was when we were in the alley that I always shoot in and we had just been there a minute or two and some guy starts yelling out the window ‘Quit playing the drums or I’m calling the cops!’  Now I am always willing to bend, but when someone yells at me without even showing their face or especially without asking nicely first then I usually end up acting like I haven’t heard them – just ask the mean old lady who told me I had to ‘shut that baby up’ at the grocery store when I had a 2 year old and a crying colicy baby in my cart just trying to get some groceries….I’d like to think after I followed her down every single isle she went down the entire time she was in the store and then stood behind her in line, that she never yelled at any other sleep deprived mom just trying to get through the day =) So anyway, we stayed in the alley and got some fun shots and guess what?  The cops never came =)






Thanks gals! It was an adventure!!!


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